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General Information

We recommend that if possible, both bride and groom will attend all interviews. Always carry a note pad and pen to write down important information and questions that may arise during your interview.

Actually, choosing the wedding site that is just right for you, is a lot of fun. Before you start looking, you should brainstorm. As you do, take to consideration your budget, your wedding theme, the atmosphere you want at your wedding, your interests, and your guests.

The location is one of the most important aspects of your wedding so consider carefully what will make yours a special, one-of-a-kind wedding event. You have many option including a do it yourself wedding (friends and family contributing of course.) Following is a list to get you started.
Ideas for wedding sites include:

  • A Home—do it yourself wedding
  • Auditoriums—usually on a rental basis, Beach - public domain may need permit and or license
  • Bed and Breakfast—full service
  • Camp Grounds—do it yourself wedding
  • Club Houses—do it yourself wedding
  • Country Clubs—most offer full service
  • Conference Centers—some offer full service, some are on a rental basis
  • Convention Centers—some offer full service, some are on a rental basis
  • Hotel—Ball Rooms-Grounds or - Gardens. A Gazebo makes a wonderful setting for a wedding ceremony—full service
  • Houses of Worship—Churches - Synagogues - Temples - Mosques—etc...some offer full service, some are on a rental basis, some can only facilitate the ceremony
  • Mansions—full service
  • Museums—some museums offer celebration rooms and may even help with special wedding themes, especially historical - usually on a rental basis
  • Parks—Great - do it yourself wedding Patio - Gardens - do it yourself wedding
  • Ranches - usually on a rental basis
  • Resorts, full service
  • Rented Halls—usually on a rental basis
  • Stadiums—usually on a rental basis
  • Yachts or Cruise Ships—full service

You can probably come up with some more ideas. Unless the location is your top priority, choose the dream location and a few alternative sites that will be just right for you, so that if necessary you can be flexible. Some location are natural for weddings and offer all the amanities you need. Others rent the space and leave the rest to you, still others are free but you have to make all the arrangements. So, consider your budget, consider the work involved, consider your guests and choose the site that will afford you your dream wedding. The information you gathered, is actually a wonderful preparation for your interviews.

Full Service Wedding Site and Facilities

These are venues that can take care of every little detail regarding your ceremony and reception. You'll still need to attend to your personal needs. You'll need to attend to the attire, wedding accessories and wedding gifts for each other, family, and wedding attendants.

Sites Available on a Rental Basis

Many wedding sites that are available on a rental basis. Some provide the space, others provide tables and chairs too while still other provide linens, tableware, flatware and glassware as well. There are also rental based sites that have a working relationship with selected caterers and are familiar with other wedding service providers and vendors.

Public Sites

Public parks, beaches, gardens etc... make great wedding sites and are perfect for do it yourself weddings. They offer you the opportunity to express yourselves in an unconfined atmosphere. Most are free to use but you'll need to do the majority of the planning and contracting. Your first step is to find if you need any permits and or licenses. If you do, obtain them.


Many apartment complexes, condominums, mobil home parke and gated communities have club houses for their residents´ use. So whether you choose to have your wedding in a home or a club house, you'll need to be in charge. Do recruit your family and friends and assign them appropriate tasks. Most will be honored to be asked and excited to be a contributing part of your wedding.

How to Find Wedding Sites

Once you have chosen the type of wedding site you want for your wedding, do the following:

  • Ask your family, friends and acqaintances for recommendations.
  • Attend bridal shows.
  • Search the yellow pages under the appropriate category.
  • Either call or visit the facility and request a brochure specific to weddings.
  • You want only the best! Be selective!
  • When visiting or calling, were you greeted cordially?
  • Were you able to obtain the information you requested in a timely manner?
  • Were the people you spoke with helpful? Too helpful and eager?
  • Now, check the internet for local wedding sites and go to their websites.
  • Do you like the look and feel?
  • Does it provide you with the information you are looking for?
  • Does it show or tell about unique one-of-a-kind weddings?
  • Can you find Free gifts, Free articles or Free information?
  • Are they helpful?
  • Did you find a clearly posted name, address, phone and email contact?
  • If not, skip it and go to another site.
  • Bookmark (favorite) the websites that are agreeable. Place the brochures in a folder until you are ready to choose a few favorites.

What to Expect of the Representative of the Facility:

  • A business card of each person you may work with within the facility.
  • A brochure that explains what is offered and any exclusions, rules, regulations and options.
  • References
  • A tour of the facility so you may check their amenities.

Questions For The Representative of the Facility:

Please note that not all questions apply to all. Each question will indicate what venue(s) it is directed to.

fs = full service - rb = rental basis - ps = public site

  • Are there bathrooms on the premises? ps
  • Are there garbage recepticles on the premises? ps
  • Are rhere electric outlets on the premises? ps
  • What are the hours available for a wedding? ps
    (Most public sites are available only on certain days and certain hours.)
  • Is there a parking area close by? ps
  • How long have you been accomodating wedding parties ? fs - rb
  • How many wedding clients have you served? fs - rb
  • Do you offer any guarantees? fs - rb
  • Do you have an in-house wedding coordinator? fs - rb
  • Do you offer a bridal package? fs
  • What are your rates for the different packages and what are the options available? fs
  • Can you recommend wedding vendors and service providers your customers had a good experience with? fs - rb
  • Do you offer any discounts? fs - rb
  • What additional expenses may be charged? fs - rb
  • Do you provide an insured and bonded babysitting service?* fs
  • How much and by when will we need to put down the deposit? fs - rb
  • What is the latest time frame for making changes? fs - rb
  • Will you provide us with a written contract? fs - rb - ps
  • Does the contract include a 3 day cancellation clause? fs - rb - ps

* If you plan not to include children in your reception, do not alienate guests who'd rather bring children than miss your wedding. You should provide a babysitting service for such guests.

Once you made your choice, you need to receive a written contract signed by the person in charge, and dated. The contract must include all of your responsibilities and all of the responsibilities, warranties and guarantees offered by the facility. Caveat Emptor—Buyer beware! Read each contract very carefully, on, under and above the line. Be sure that you understand it fully and agree with all the terms. If you have questions, concerns, or are uncertain, contact them for clarification. In most parts of the USA you have 3 days to examin the contract and if you need to, cancel with no penalties.

Copyrights©2004 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser

Nily Glaser is the founder of A-Wedding Day a very popular Wedding Resource and Information Center, and a discount shopping mall for wedding gifts, supplies and bridal accessories.